Part-time Daycare

For many parents today, daycare is essential in order for both parents to work full-time jobs and provide an adequate living for the family.  However, some families are able to or insist upon having one parent stay home.  In these instances, it can still be important to expose your children to playgroups and socialize them with other children at a young age.  This can be crucial for the psychological and cognitive development of your child.

However, children that are at the toddler age cannot always get along well with other children without an adult nearby as a mediator.  Thus, it is not always just the playing and discovering aspects of part-time childcare that are attractive because there are also learning functions for developing literacy that begin at daycare.

Choosing A Daycare

Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider when choosing a part-time daycare program for your child or children is what the structure of the average day would be for a child under the supervision of the program in question.  It is important for parents to know that the teachers or caregivers plan logically to keep the children engaged and allow responsiveness to the needs of each individual child.

It can also be beneficial to determine the relationship that the adults working at the daycare facility tend to have with children.  This can be crucial to determining whether or not your child or children will adjust under this daycare program.

Lady playing with two children.

What to Ask

As with any scenario involving your children, you need to be able to trust in the decisions that you have made to know that your children are safe and sound.  Therefore, it is important to enquire about a number of different issues concerning the daycare program, such as security procedures on the property, dietary plans and how children with special dietary needs are handled.

It is also important to emphasize how much teaching or structured learning occurs on a daily basis as part of the primary reason for enrolling a child in part-time daycare is for the benefit of learning and pre-empting cognitive functions.  It is also advisable to make daycare facilities aware of particular habits, sleep schedules or anything else that a person caring for a child should be made aware of in order to perform the duty to certain standard of care.

Daycare provider reading to students.

A Welcome And Safe Environment

There are a few other areas or issues that parents should consider when making a decision concerning a part-time childcare program for their child or children.  It is sometimes worthwhile to consider how ‘open’ a particular part-time daycare program might be in-terms of an equal number of each gender of child and children from different ethnicities and backgrounds.

It is also advisable to inspect the premises to determine if the décor and infrastructure is child friendly, with no glaring dangers and appropriate themes and colors throughout the establishment.  Lastly, parents should certainly enquire into to the menu and feeding schedule for the children so that they are well aware what their child is consuming and if they need advise a special dietary routine.