Daycare Costs

Childcare can be one of the most important issues facing parents and can be a continuing problem through the duration of childhood until the child is able to take care of themselves before and after school.  Contemporary society has placed overwhelming pressures on the parents of middle-class families where each parent sometimes has to take on a position of gainful employment in order to support the lifestyle of the household.  As such, it can be crucial for parents to make sure they plan the proper measures for childcare scenarios and what questions they should be asking themselves in order facilitate a favorable arrangement. 

However, childcare is not cheap because of the facilities, resources and credentials that are often required to operate a successful childcare service.

Factors That Affect Cost

Childcare costs can vary widely depending on the specific circumstances of the parent(s) searching for the most suitable situation.  Perhaps three of the largest factors that can affect cost are your location, the specific type of childcare that you choose, the age of your child or children and how many hours you intend to enroll the child or children each week.

Broadly speaking, location is the most determinative factor impacting the final costs of your childcare program.  Since there are often discrepancies concerning the cost of living in different cities then it stands to reason that cities that require more money to dwell-in will have higher associated childcare costs.

The type of childcare becomes important concerning costs because daycare centers that are privately or publicly owned and operated are different than someone who operates a childcare program from their civic residence.  It is also important to consider that if you perform the childcare duties yourself you are taking away from potential income or a supplemental stream of income.

Kids being cared for at a child care providers.

How Much Does Daycare Cost?

It is important to reiterate that the age of your child or children and where it is that you live will have the largest impact on the bill that you receive for childcare services.  The average price per month per child hovers around $650, but can reach upwards of $1000 per month in larger cities and where the cost of living is much higher.  Some of the more rural states, with smaller cities can offer monthly daycare services for under $400 a month.  However, it must be emphasized that location is essential to determining costs.

Age becomes significant because certain age groups require more attention, and therefore, more resources as well.  It is often advisable to determine if there is a sliding scale of fees for services based on the age of your child or children.

Children's blocks that spell out child care.

What To Ask?

It is always a good idea to prepare a list of questions to ask when seeking out the ideal childcare arrangement.  For example, since childcare services comprise an expense, it is advisable to ask about receipts for each payment made for services rendered. It is also important to ask about proper licensing, how many other children will be supervised at the same time as your child or children and what the typical schedule for the children would entail on a daily basis. You should request to see a copy of licenses or specific credentials before agreeing to a childcare program.