Choosing A Nanny

Childcare is incredibly important to most American families.  Often, families may choose to enroll their children in organized daycare programs or part-time daycare programs depending on the nature and durations of their requirements.  As such, some families will choose a specific nanny to be entrusted with the daily care of their children.  Even in the event that a family chooses a nanny over formal daycare or childcare programs it is essential to locate a properly vetted candidate.

Starting Your Search

The best way to begin a careful search for a nanny is to reach out to friends and family to determine if there is anyone that they can think of that would be a good fit for the position. 

If this strategy is not immediately effective it is always possible that friends or family can connect with others that they may know in effort to network for the right nanny selection.

Additionally, if friends and family are unsuccessful at uncovering any prospective names then it is usually advisable to seek out the help of an agency that specializes in pairing nannies with families.  Reputation can be the most important piece of the puzzle when it comes to choosing an agency to help you locate a proper nanny for you childcare needs.  Venturing out into a larger city can also be a positive strategy because they will typically play host to larger agencies with a wider breadth of search capabilities.

Another strategy to customize the results of your search a little further would be to post specific advertisements on the internet.  This gives you the opportunity to connect with a pool of prospective candidates and interview each one accordingly.

Nanny helping two children draw.

The Interview

When collecting a pool of prospective candidates in your search for a nanny it is advisable to select around 10 potential nannies.  This way you can speak with them individually and not have it become a daunting task.  After this stage, it is best to whittle-down your list of possible candidates to fewer than 5 in order to continue your vetting process.  By the end of the subsequent set of interviews you should have narrowed your choices down to 2 candidates.

Sometimes it can also be helpful to ask unforeseen questions to determine a character trait or an attribute of one of the candidates.  You should always have a background check performed for any nanny that you are considering hiring to ensure that there is no history of criminal activity.

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Trial Run

You should always see through the checking of references submitted by a potential nanny to ensure that someone can substantiate their credibility and claims.  Subsequently, the best approach to checking references is to actually speak with them on the phone and not simply send them an e-mail to save time.  You should also have a ready-made list of questions to ask each reference to clearly determine how the nanny performed under different and similar circumstances.

Lastly, an important strategy for choosing the right nanny can be to undertake trial runs with the final two candidates that remain on your list.  This way you can see each nanny in-action with your child and determine who is the best.