We All Need a Little Help With Raising Children

Happy mother and father kissing their daughter in the park

Parenting is the world’s most difficult job.  There are no consistent rules, and even the goals will change as your child ages.  When you think about your job as a parent, you might feel like you are trying to run through quicksand, unable to find your footing, but with the unquestionable feeling that you are sinking.

But how to pull yourself out of the mire in which you find yourself?

That’s where we come in.  We have taken the most common questions from parents and developed a series of easy-to-read guides which provide the need-to-know information to help you raise a healthy, well-adjusted child.  Nothing is more important than your child, so don’t take any chances.  Our guides are presented in an easy-to-read format, so that your frazzled nerves can be soothed while you learn more about the most important job you will ever have.


Mother holding up baby girl (3-6 months) smilingIn our Parenting Basics section, you will find answers to the most common questions about parenting strategy.  How should you discipline your child? How to protect them from bullies in this age of Facebook and YouTube?  Why are they taking so long to get out of diapers?  The most recent research has uncovered some interesting results.  Find the answers to your questions and more in Parenting Basics.


Little girl with a toysWhile some part of most parents is convinced that their child is going to become the first person to be a NASA rocket scientist when their day job as an NFL starting quarterback permits, while another part nags that the child won’t stop eating dirt and is lagging behind in other areas.  How can you tell if your child is on track to normalcy?  A great place to start is Child Development Theories.


Cute little girl eats vegetable saladThe most important thing to enable a child to make the most of their formative years is their health.  If a child is feeling uncomfortable or ill, they will not be as engaged as they need to be to develop the huge range of skills that must be acquired during their first few developmental years.  Find out what you need to know about keeping your bundle of joy healthy in Kid Health.


Cycling safetyChildren see the world with different eyes than a more experienced human.  Things which are obviously dangerous to even a grade schooler might seem fun and delicious to a toddler.  One of the most important things to make sure your child gets to adulthood is to make their environment safe for them.  If you have some questions about how to make that happen, check out Kid Safety.


Happy mother with babyThe modern family has a lot more challenges than did the family of a few decades ago. With families increasingly having parents living in different homes, both parents working long hours, and more and more concern being generated by the media about strangers, finding child care is one of the most stressful (not to mention expensive) parts of parenting.  If you need to know about nannies, daycare, and babysitters, Child Care is the section to see.